Specializing in Taxes and Tax Planning

The Tax Zone, Inc.
Specializing in Taxes and Tax Planning

The Tax Zone is a firm of Tax Management Professionals with extensive technical expertise in Tax Management, Tax Planning, and Tax Preparation.

Our Principal is a former IRS Agent and Manager with experience in IRS Examinations and Exempt Organizations. Our Firm specializes in complex tax matters, including estate taxes.

Tax Management is ensuring that your company is in compliance with tax obligations for all tax authorities, in all tax jurisdictions. Tax Management is vital for all businesses, but especially for companies and professionals with multi-state operations that incur income, revenue, employment, sales, use, license or franchise tax responsibilities in multiple jurisdictions.

Tax Planning emphasizes your company’s on-going tax awareness to recognize and plan for tax obligations. Tax Planning is utilizing prudent and legal approaches to minimizing tax Impact and taking advantage of pertinent tax provisions.

Tax reporting and compliance are important facets of your business and personal lives. Our Firm handles all aspects of your business and personal tax needs. The Tax Zone has in-depth knowledge of tax law and tax administration at the federal, state and local levels.