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Executive Benefits Planning can ensure the Financial Well-being of
Business Owners and Principals, through crafting and implementing novel, prudent, and effective Executive Benefits Suites, Retirement Programs, and Succession, Exit, and Estate Strategies.

We Business Owners continue to put-off Executive Benefits Planning for next year or the year after - not realizing that each year that we do not implement these Financial Strategies for ourselves and our families is one more..

1. Year of Accumulation that is lost.
2. Year of Earnings that is missed.
3. Year closer to our Mandatory Exit from our businesses,
[which can mean an end to our ability to be Rain-makers who generate the Revenue to Fund our Benefits and Retirement].

* Promise Yourself to finally and firmly Put Yourself First!!
Let's get started on your Executive Benefits, Retirement, Succession, Exit, and Estate Planning.

Insurance and Annuity companies are providing Safe Vehicles that are appropriate for Savings and Retirement. FIXED INDEXED products Guarantee that you will never again lose a penny of your Principal and Earnings. These novel Savings and Retirement vehicles offer other important financial features, like -

Enhanced Earnings > through Indexing concepts which mirror Stock Market earnings, without the Risk,

Tax-free Access to your Money > when you need it for Emergencies or Health Matters, and

Income Streams for your Life-time > through Life-time Income Benefits provisions.

In 2009 began looking for ways to Make Money Work, while lessening the exposure to the Losses being suffered in the Stock Market. Our research lead us to FIXED INDEXED Insurance and Annuities, Savings and Retirement vehicles that Guarantee Principal and Earnings from any Losses, while offering Earnings that mirror the Stock Market. FIXED INDEXED vehicles provide "Upside Potential, without Downside Risk" - what a concept!!!

In 2011 we began using these FIXED INDEXED Insurance and Annuity vehicles as the basis for Executive Benefit Suites for ourselves and our Clients. Our goal for this year is to continue what we began in 2011 - To educate every Business Owner to the benefits of systematic, disciplined, and consistent Saving, utilizing the Safety and Growth of FIXED INDEXED vehicles. We can finally take control of our finances and build wealth, for ourselves.

* Preservation of Principal and Earnings must be paramount for everyone. Guarantees that our money will never be lost are prudent for all, but vital for those of us with less time until retirement age. One lingering impact of the 2008 Recession is that too many Americans are not financially able to retire. Out-living our money during retirement is a real and critical concern to every Business Owner and Family in this economy.

Executive Benefits Suites

Executive Benefits Suites is the name for the Incentive and Compensation arrangements that we develop for our Clients. Executive Benefits Suites reward Business Owners and Principals for the dreams, hard work, and sacrifices of building a Going-Concern.

Executive Benefits Suites also attract and retain Key Personnel and Staff, by increasing their economic security and quality of life.

The development of Executive Benefits Suites can be complex and detailed, but result in distinctive Strategies and Programs that provide Financial Security and add Value to the Company.

Key Person, and Business Continuation Planning

Key Person and Business Continuation Planning engages in Future Thinking, to develop Strategies that enable Business Owners and Principals to:

Be certain that their Company will continue in the event of disability or demise of Key Personnel;
Ensure Company Operations will not cease, or that Cash Flow will not be severely impacted, by an emergency or unplanned occurrence; and
Benefit Monetarily for the Value that has been built into their Company, when they are ready to leave.

Retirement Plan Review and Update

Retirement Plan Review is a macro-look at all existing retirement plans to ensure that Business Owners and Principals have the most advantageous and prudent Retirement Programs in place; Retirement Programs that are structured to provide them the Maximum Contributions during Earning Years.

It is critical to determine early-on the Tax-advantages of Pre-Tax or After-Tax retirement savings contributions, by projecting current and future Tax Scenarios.

The Retirement Plan Review provides the opportunity to Advise on options that protect savings and earnings from loss, while still earning respectable returns.

Concurrently, looking at the Company's Sponsored Retirement Plan, to educate the Company and Employees about options that exist to conserve and safely grow the Employees' retirement savings - through plan options and roll-over strategies that protect savings and earnings from loss while still earning respectable returns.

Roll-over of Savings and Retirement to Protect what you've Saved and Earned.

Roll-over the Retirement Money in 401(k)'s, 457's, 403(b)'s or other Qualified or Non-Qualified retirement plans into FIXED INDEXED vehicles to ensure your Money will always be there. Business Owners, Principals, Employees, and Families must demand that our Hard-Earned Money no longer be exposed to Risk of Loss, while seeking to make our Money Grow.

Until the Recession of 2008 we believed that the adage "No, Risk - No Reward" governed our ability to save and grow our Money, but it's not true. The new Financial Security mantra should be.. "Upside Potential, without Downside Risk". How can we have the best of both Worlds? The Answer is FIXED INDEXED Saving Products.

A little background is good right here. Fixed savings vehicle have been around for decades and provide Guarantees that Principal and Earnings will never be lost. The trade-off for such Guarantee is relatively low earnings in Fixed savings vehicles.

To overcome the disadvantage of low earnings, Indexing has been incorporated into many Fixed savings vehicles. FIXED INDEXED vehicles have created a novel offering that retains the Guarantee against losses of Principal and Earning, but also provides earnings through Indexing options that can mirror the Stock Market, without the Risk.

FIXED INDEXED vehicles provide "Upside Potential, without Downside Risk".

The Smart Money is Moving Retirement and Savings out of Investments, that are exposed to Loss, into FIXED INDEXED vehicles, that can return respectable earnings without the Risk of Loss.

We believe you are Smart Money, so realize "Upside Potential, without Downside Risk".

Succession, Transition and Estate Planning

These Financial Strategies engage in Future Thinking to develop Strategies that enable Business Owners and Principals to be certain that they can realize their Company's Value, through sale or other arrangements, when they are ready to leave or transition.

A Company's Value must be built, developed and established long before the anticipated exit or transition, so proficient planning and implementation are vital.

Estate Planning involves more than Probate and Taxes. Estate Planning should ensure a valuable and lasting legacy, and prevent forced liquidation of assets resulting from and incurring more unplanned tax consequences.

Don't wait to put these vital planning tools into place.

Executive Benefits are your reward for being a visionary entrepreneur.

* Promise Yourself to finally and firmly Put Yourself First!!

Let's get started on your Executive Benefits, Retirement, Succession, Exit, and Estate Planning.